A Seasonal Read

One of the advantages of this second UK lockdown is that it has removed any excuses for me to not catch up with my reading, so it is appropriate that for a scenario which started on 5th November my first tome had a Guy Fawkes night theme. The book I just finished reading is "The … Continue reading A Seasonal Read

30 Day Book Challenge #Day 21

Welcome back. Today is day 21 and the prompt is an anthology you love. I have quite a lot of these in various forms relating to author, series and content and as such I have a wide playing field. So this entry is going to be slightly different in that the book choice I am … Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge #Day 21


"So how exactly did you and Krissy meet?" Lady Midnight asked Tracy, intrigued. "I know she is something of a social darling with her ample charms, but I think even she would draw the line at an Affluence distributor." The tone and manner of her voice told Tracy everything she needed to know about her … Continue reading Inquiries