3TC: The Hair Salon Mystery

Arthur poured himself another cup of tea and checked his watch, how much longer was Liz going to be? Dr Webster was finishing off a bit of paper and seemed oblivious to her prolonged absence. "Where did you say this salon of Liz's is?" asked Arthur impatiently. "Other side of Town, it is one of … Continue reading 3TC: The Hair Salon Mystery


Progression (mature content/ NSFW hidden images)

Continuing the blackmail story, read the previous entry here The woman sat in her car and quickly pulled out her mobile and telephoned the boss, he was not going to like it. "Artemis here," she began, "he's resisting our sales technique. I think he is going to be a harder nut to crack than the … Continue reading Progression (mature content/ NSFW hidden images)


"So how exactly did you and Krissy meet?" Lady Midnight asked Tracy, intrigued. "I know she is something of a social darling with her ample charms, but I think even she would draw the line at an Affluence distributor." The tone and manner of her voice told Tracy everything she needed to know about her … Continue reading Inquiries