YDWP: Aghast

The last time I think I was truly aghast is long ago and buried in my memory I don't think it is worth digging up. But the last someone was truly aghast with me was a few Christmases ago, when a former work colleague kept nagging at me to keep tabs on her boyfriend. First … Continue reading YDWP: Aghast

Extreme Close Up

For those of us who grew in the late eighties and early nineties the term extreme close up will immediately bring smiles and thoughts of Mike Myer's Wayne's World films and comedy shorts but it is also a genuine camera term although sometimes it is referred to as a BCU (Big Close Up). Most of … Continue reading Extreme Close Up


As many of my readers know I am what you might describe as a Jazz fan. You might have noticed the odd subtle hint in a few entries here and there.... My favourite instrument is the Saxophone and one of my favourite players is John Coltrane, who for the most of his solo career played … Continue reading Windbag