30 Day Song Challenge: Day 27

A Song by your favourite composer. My favourite composer is probably George Gershwin... This week. Ask me next week my mood my swing nearer Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter or Billy Strayhorn. But Gershwin is a recurring favourite so... Rhapsody in Blue, in a slightly different take by Eumir Deodato https://youtu.be/CynBrweG-L4 Summertime by Grover … Continue reading 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 27


WofD: Food Songs

Some food related songs (allegedly): Fats Waller: Rump Steak Serenade https://youtu.be/-VhidlqZtKo Stan Kenton and his Orchestra: Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy https://youtu.be/8uo-LGlo2d8 Dexter Gordon: Cheesecake https://youtu.be/hkyJQcmVtZQ Dexter Gordon: Fried Bananas https://youtu.be/J1lpVguArUQ Word of the Day Challenge: Appetite