The Corner Shop

Arkwright sat on the chair waiting for her visitor, the store was officially closed now but she left the door open for the man's services. Her cover was that she'd be doing onsite paper work and was happy to be of service to anyone who happened to pop in. The man walked in whistling some … Continue reading The Corner Shop


3TC: Black Planet

Out on the far reaches of ALSS territory sits the Black Planet, it is not very much larger than the Earth and is the sole planet orbiting a dying sun. The only other body in that solar system is an asteroid half the size of the planet. The planet has an atmosphere but the surface … Continue reading 3TC: Black Planet

YDWP: The Witch

"She doesn't look very powerful?" "No she doesn't and that is her secret of success." "But the other witches and wizards show themselves their power." "Amateurs and prima Donna's after the attention. She's the real deal, a harbringer of doom." "Why do you not do something about her?" "Balance, she keeps the others in check..." … Continue reading YDWP: The Witch