25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 25

And now the end is here and so face Christmas Day Day 25: Christmas Morning "I find it amusing that as a well-known masterthief your last activity made you the opposite of the Grinch," Arthur declared as if he were presenting an award not pouring his guest a very generous measure of Port. "Come now … Continue reading 25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 25

Halloween Fiction

It was just another Halloween in Lower Storpington, no frills or fuss, just a few parties and the street decorations going up. This year however the new vicar, Mr Magister, had filed an objection to the street decorations and had attempted to issue a curfew of 10pm for any social gatherings whether they be in a … Continue reading Halloween Fiction

FOWC: Adrift

Drifting. No engine power, no wind, no oars. The vessel floated aimlessly through the cold black endless night bathed in glow of the stars. How long it had been drifting no one knows, lost in time for eternity. The decks are lifeless but look ready to be lived in. A snapshot of life on the … Continue reading FOWC: Adrift