FOWC: A Bar Briefing

Despite it only being 10 am it was incredibly warm and the pool was already starting to become a hive of activity for the various holiday makers of countless nationality. A gaggle of children appeared to be organizing an international pool-based volley ball competition, further up the pool a small group were doing their best … Continue reading FOWC: A Bar Briefing

FOWC: Dinner Date

"What's for dinner?" asked Arthur. "Cook it and see," replied Miss Sevenpenny. "I am your work partner not your mum!" Arthur smiled, "I am glad you said that. Dr Webster would always insist on being mother." He rose from his chair and headed to the kitchen. "It has been a while since I have cooked … Continue reading FOWC: Dinner Date

FOWC: Adrift

Drifting. No engine power, no wind, no oars. The vessel floated aimlessly through the cold black endless night bathed in glow of the stars. How long it had been drifting no one knows, lost in time for eternity. The decks are lifeless but look ready to be lived in. A snapshot of life on the … Continue reading FOWC: Adrift