FOWC: Trap

"I sometimes envy you" "Why is that?" "Sometimes I feel trapped by my job, don't get me wrong I enjoy it." "What is the issue?" "Well seeing you on stage like that.." "Naked?" "Yes, I would love to do a role where I stripped off." "Ok......" "I think it would be a liberating experience." "....ah … Continue reading FOWC: Trap


3TC: The Imposition (mature content)

"Sorry to impose on you during lunchtime," said Arthur lowering himself into the office chair and swirling it round as he set in it. "You'd fit in perfectly with the students here," said Vicky irritably. "Why are you here?" "I am here to..." "You won't change my mind about quitting," she replied. Arthur leaned back, … Continue reading 3TC: The Imposition (mature content)