FOWC: My First Main Role

When I was at school, a long time before I joined that Theatre group, I always loved drama and performing- all the way from primary. If there was a play in Assembly- I would jump at the chance to be in it and when it came to the Christmas and Summer "big" production I would … Continue reading FOWC: My First Main Role

FOWC: Iron Man

Being born in the early 1980s, I like many of my contemporaries, read a Children's book called The Iron Man, written by future poet laureate Ted Hughes. The story was fairly simple, the titular Iron Man comes to Earth and terrorises a local community as he feeds on metal and is eventually captured and permanently … Continue reading FOWC: Iron Man

FOWC: Adrift

Drifting. No engine power, no wind, no oars. The vessel floated aimlessly through the cold black endless night bathed in glow of the stars. How long it had been drifting no one knows, lost in time for eternity. The decks are lifeless but look ready to be lived in. A snapshot of life on the … Continue reading FOWC: Adrift


Adequate, pretty much describes my acting range. I am never going to be star material even in the Amateur Dramatics world, which is why I tend to go on the writing side of things. The question is, are my skills as a writer any better? Well hopefully we will soon find out... Fandango's One Word … Continue reading FOWC