FOWC: Aftermath

I often wondered if Mrs A has had repercussions from some of her theatre performances or from accidentally sending an email to the wrong person. Everyone faces repercussions of something at one point, the problem is that the repercussions can come from a misunderstanding. A case in point was me leaving the Shoe thanks to … Continue reading FOWC: Aftermath


FOWC: The Fearless Vampire Hunter

When I was a child I was something of a gamer, of course growing up in the 80s and early 90's my gaming wasn't done on Worldwide Computer Communities, it was done on a Commodore 64 initially and later a Super Nintendo. One of the games I did like to play was a game called … Continue reading FOWC: The Fearless Vampire Hunter

FOWC: Ludicrous

Fandango's One Word Challenge: "Ludicrous" I think that Ludicrous is a very good term to describe British politics at the moment, we potentially will be having our own stupidly haired bigot in charge of the country, one whom has been endorsed by the idiot in charge of the USA. People seem to be voting for … Continue reading FOWC: Ludicrous