Autumn Leaves

Things have been going well with Heather, she spent all of last week at mine although we didn't spend as much time together as we thought we might thanks to our work patterns in the week. We visited Nan and took her shopping which was nice and then we went for dinner and tried out … Continue reading Autumn Leaves


The Secret of the Confessional One of the underrated and overlooked films in the filmography of Director Alfred Hitchcock is the 1953 film "I Confess", it stars Montgomery Swift as a priest who hears the confession of a murderer and finds himself the chief suspect in the murder investigation and has to prove his innocence without breaking his vows … Continue reading The Secret of the Confessional

Hammer Time

I tried to catch a handful of fog.   Mist. After rain, the fog is probably one of Blighty's most known weather features, Gershwin even a song about the London fog. The image of a fog drenched city or English countryside  is a popular and recurring theme in fiction, both written and visual. Alfred Hitchcock's … Continue reading Hammer Time

Soul Portal

Window       The prompt makes me immediately think of the classic Hitchcock movie Rear Window, you know it's the one where James Stewart is laid up in his flat with a broken leg and unwittingly stumbles on one of his neighbours  (played by future Ironside and Perry Mason star Raymond Burr) murdering his wife. … Continue reading Soul Portal