Messy not Dirty

Now I am not the most tidy of people, I am not going to deny that. People often scream that'll catch something because I don't have a perfectly organised home. But there is a difference between Messy and Dirty. My surfaces are clean, spillages are cleaned up and shelves are regularly polished, so the whole … Continue reading Messy not Dirty


Share Your World 29th January 2018

If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose? Why? I guess it would have to be Asda, has everything I would need. Food, a good selection of Bottled beers, home entertainment, stationary, electronics and clothes. Granted it is far from a glamorous answer, but pragmatism springs forward. … Continue reading Share Your World 29th January 2018


A-Ho ho ho Winter well and truly visited Shropshire over the weekend with a substantial fall of Snow, meaning your favourite Sandman very nearly became a Snowman... however Richard E Grant wasn't about to feed me some Victorian Street urchins so a Sandman I remained. Friday I received a morning message from Young Dan telling … Continue reading Drift