Jazz Appreciation Month: Tubby Hayes

Edward Brian "Tubby" Hayes (30 January 1935 – 8 June 1973) was an English jazz multi-instrumentalist, best known for his tenor saxophone playing in groups with fellow sax player Ronnie Scott and with trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar. https://youtu.be/AK_X1vCwnyY One much repeated story about Hayes' early career was told by Ronnie Scott. Scott was playing at a … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Tubby Hayes

Jazz Appreciation Month: Ronnie Scott

https://youtu.be/PrG4LfQBr28 Ronnie Scott OBE (born Ronald Schatt, 28 January 1927 – 23 December 1996) was an English jazz tenor saxophonist and jazz club owner. Ronnie was born in Aldgate, East London, into a Jewish family. His father, Joseph Schatt, was of Russian ancestry, and his mother Sylvia's family attended the Portuguese synagogue in Alie Street. … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Ronnie Scott

Jazz Appreciation Month: Lester Young

Lester Willis Young (August 27, 1909 – March 15, 1959), nicknamed "Pres" or "Prez", was a tenor saxophonist and occasional clarinetist. https://youtu.be/x_c4QeAJduI Coming to prominence while a member of Count Basie's orchestra, Young was one of the most influential players on his instrument. In contrast to many of his hard-driving peers, Young played with a … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Lester Young

Jazz Appreciation Month: Norman Granz

https://youtu.be/BZFPegDezUY Norman Granz (1918-2001) was a Jazz Impresario who founded six record labels, established a successful series of Jazz concerts, and fought for racial equality on the Jazz scene. He entered the public gaze when he organised desegregrated jam sessions which he would eventually develop in Jazz at the Philharmonic, later know as JATP, the … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Norman Granz

Jazz Appreciation Month: Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk was a pianist and composer and has the distinction  of being the second most recorded composer in Jazz, the first being Duke Ellington. Thelonious Monk's approach to the piano and improvisation was somewhat abstract and unusual, bringing dissonances and angular melodic twists which were complemented by his almost attack of the instrument and switches in … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Thelonious Monk