FowC: Girl Talk

Krissy had mingled among the party crowd, accepted a few drinks and fought off more than a few stray hands attempting to cop a feel and the constant queries asking if her next spell would be to make her clothes disappear. Her ladyship was now on her mind and Krissy had a feeling that there … Continue reading FowC: Girl Talk

FowC: Talks

A waiter appeared with two large Scotches on a tray. "I took the liberty of pre-ordering these," said Gervase smugly. "You had me fooled with your costume..." "Ok Gervase, no need to patronise me." Gervase was shocked, "Arthur, I have never lied to you. I meant it. The girl, isn't she a bit young? I … Continue reading FowC: Talks

The West Wing

Tracy followed Krissy into her bedroom and was a little surprised that the room mostly reflected the decour of the main house with very little of personalisation, she guessed Lady Midnight really insisted on her heritage. "I'd have thought that you'd would add your own touch," Tracy said softly. "I'd love to, but I am … Continue reading The West Wing


"So how exactly did you and Krissy meet?" Lady Midnight asked Tracy, intrigued. "I know she is something of a social darling with her ample charms, but I think even she would draw the line at an Affluence distributor." The tone and manner of her voice told Tracy everything she needed to know about her … Continue reading Inquiries