A Night at the Opera

Slightly inspired by Crushed Caramel's post Party's Over Señorita Way back in 2009 just before Christmas.I went for a two week holiday on the Venezuelan Isle of Margarita which is in the Caribbean and is the closest island to the mainland of Venezuela. I had gone with Levi and Pete who were regular drinkers at … Continue reading A Night at the Opera

Oh I do Like to be besides the Seaside

I'm more of a pool guy rather then a beach boy when it comes to holiday swimming. That is me on the beach in Cuba being incredibly British drinking a pint of dark Mild from a dimpled handle glass while wearing a flat cap, that may sound a tad odd, but I was after the … Continue reading Oh I do Like to be besides the Seaside

This quick snap was pretty much a take it or its gone forever moment. This particular photo was snapped during  my first visit to the Caribbean Island of Margarita during which my friends and I made an excursion to the Orinnioco Delta and Canima national park. This was Pete and Grant's second trip to the … Continue reading