FOWC: Cheers

For the bulk of my working life I have worked in Pubs and part of the parcel of the job is the conversation from your patrons which can be very diverse and you learn things about your clients you wouldn't expect. But... I am sure every bar tender in the world will agree, there is … Continue reading FOWC: Cheers


The Summer Wino Tour Part Two

You can find part one here   After browsing online for various walks I could do, I settled on a walk around the Digley Reservoir which was a relatively easy walk, ideal for me as I had left my boots back in the Hotel. The drive was relatively simple and involved driving through a lot … Continue reading The Summer Wino Tour Part Two

Story Time

In a brief change from my usual update. Here is a shirt story I wrote with the hope of it being published in an online magazine. Obviously this didn't happen other wise I wouldn't be posting it here... Depending on the response from people I may follow up with a little behind the scenes set up … Continue reading Story Time