3TC: Snakes in a School Hall

Three Things Challenge: Cry, Phobia, Laugh People will often laugh at someone's phobia because it seems irrational. I personally have a phobia of Snakes which is probably about the only thing I have in common with Indiana Jones, it is some what illogical because Shropshire is so well known for its abundance of serpentine life. … Continue reading 3TC: Snakes in a School Hall

3TC: Ballad for Wind Instrument and Canoe

People who know me in person will no doubt be aware of my special relationship with Athleticism, Sports and Team Sports and how much the other members of the Three Musketeers and I were the red hot stars of the school sport's playing field. This relationship did not preclude other sorts of outdoor activity which … Continue reading 3TC: Ballad for Wind Instrument and Canoe

3TC Christmas Lunch

The thing about things with a pleasing taste, is that they inevitably are not savoured but eaten with an alarming haste. So dear readers, when the festive spread is on the table remember it is a marathon and not a sprint and it'll be kinder on your waist. Three Things Challenge: Taste, Waist, Haste


"Are we going to alternate each auditionee?" asked Mrs Anderson. "I don't think that will be necessary," replied Artro the director. "Who's turn is it next?" "Matt Hartnell," answered Mrs Anderson softly. "Send him in," instructed Artro. Mrs Anderson called him and told him to get on with the audition. The young man performed the … Continue reading 3TC