3TC: Byzantium

The first you will notice when you enter the Byzantium estate is the garden and your conduct upon it will determine how much more of the estate you are likely to see. Many years ago, the Earl of Storpington owned the estate and was beloved by many in the area, he was a generous and … Continue reading 3TC: Byzantium

3TC: And So to Bed

When I was little boy, and I would imagine many children would share this, there was always something curious about the appeal of the double bed of my parents. The vastness of the bed I think appealed to me, mind you I pretty much loved the cabin bed I had from about age 7 till … Continue reading 3TC: And So to Bed

3TC Christmas Lunch

The thing about things with a pleasing taste, is that they inevitably are not savoured but eaten with an alarming haste. So dear readers, when the festive spread is on the table remember it is a marathon and not a sprint and it'll be kinder on your waist. Three Things Challenge: Taste, Waist, Haste