Another wet week in Blighty has come to an end, I know they say April Showers but this is more April downpours, come on sunshine. Let's just hope it isn't foreshadowing a wet June and another boggy Upton Jazz Festival a la 2012, at least the sports ground isn't right on the river as Fish … Continue reading Times-A-Wastin’


Got A Light?

Well my first week of garden leave means that I am being paid but not at work. Which is... Actually annoying. The bulk of the week has been writing out Job Applications and getting pissed of with stupid online application processes. What the **** is wrong with apply for a job, hand in CV, do … Continue reading Got A Light?


Well I am back from my excursion to the socialist utopia which is Cuba. It was a fantastic holiday met some new friends, had sone grwat excursions and in general had fun. Don't worry there will be a full and frank account of my communist capers in due course. After an uncomfortable (and late) flight … Continue reading Aftermath