Upton Jazz Festival 2018 #2 Friday Part One

Friday I woke in good time, indulged in two of the three “S’s” a gentleman conducts in a morning and headed down to the Hotel Bar for Breakfast: There was a good selection of cereals and a wide variety of fruit juice available alongside the cooked breakfast, naturally I went for a full English Breakfast … Continue reading Upton Jazz Festival 2018 #2 Friday Part One


Upton Jazz Festival 2018 #1

Thursday EveningUpton Jazz Festival 2018 2018 saw the 33rd Upton Jazz Festival and in many ways it was a return to the roots of the festival, with the gigs very much taking place in the town following feedback from the previous festival. I would imagine this was partially to give the festival a more localised … Continue reading Upton Jazz Festival 2018 #1

Back in Town

Well that is Upton Jazz Festival done and dusted for another year and it was a significant improvement upon last year with a much more positive vibe throughout, I'm guessing the heavy shadow of Brexit loomed over the place, plus no real headliner act put the dampeners on that festival. But with the Temperance Seven … Continue reading Back in Town


Well my first thought when I saw the word maybe as the prompt of the Brit pop anthem "Wonderwall" by the wannabe Beatles group  Oasis. So here is a Jazz version of the tune by the youthful West Midlands Jazz Ensemble "Second Line" fronted by the very talented and charismatic Pete Johnson with the maturity … Continue reading Wonderwall