WotD: Distant

The following piece of music is called "Distant Hills" by the Simon Park Orchestra and was used as the theme tune to the afternoon Drama series "Crown Court". The tune was the B side to Simon Park's number one hit "Eye Level" which no doubt gained its popularity thanks to it being used as the … Continue reading WotD: Distant

WofD: A Night at the Theatre

Fitting Amateur Dramatics around a full time and intensive job is always tricky, but spare a thought to the complexities of fitting it around jobs which have antisocial hours or a lot of post work involvement. Working in the pub trade places some restrictions on what I can commit myself to performing wise. Three nightly … Continue reading WofD: A Night at the Theatre

Time for Tea

Reposting an opening for the Word of the Day Challenge: Tea


“Good afternoon noon sir,” beamed the waiter. “Have you made a reservation?”

“Indeed I have, the name Kesten Grenville.” Grenville said coldly.

The waiter checked his list and located the name on the list. “Oh yes sir, I see you are booked in for afternoon tea. Your guest has already arrived and is seated.”

“So I see,” stated Grenville as he scanned the restaurant.

“My I take your jacket?” Queried the waiter.

“A £12,000 jacket in the hands of a man who styles his hair with brylcream?” Barked Grenville, “I think you know the answer to that. I’m grown man, I think I am capable of having afternoon tea and not spilling it down myself.”

“Very good sir,” said the waiter guiding Grenville to the table. “Is this meeting  social or business?”

“Both.” Answered Grenville as he took his seat at the table. “I’ll take a pot of Earl Grey…

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Enraptured Audience

In response to the Word of the Day Challenge: Enrapture. This is a repost of “your Daily Word Prompt” of the same word.


When Mrs A informed me she had joined my old theatre group just before Christmas I was amused. She was cast as half of a pantomime cow in the pantomime of that year, which was based on Jack and the Beanstalk but more had an element of The Goodies about it (the giant was played by a guy who was 5ft1 and had the immortal line “there is more to being a giant then size you know”) and as I was working I missed that performance.

I did however see her next play in which she disrobed on stage and while watching it I couldn’t help think, I hope none of her classes are here. I am not sure if they’d feel they were an enraptured or a captured audience….


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Full Fathom Five

Since the Word of the Day Challenge seems to have stood on the toes of the RDP, I am reposting my original entry on “Fathom“.


Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
Hark! now I hear them,ding-dong, bell- William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1 Scene 2

I remember this as a vivid piece of poetry that a friend of mine declared her grandparents used to read to her at night before she went to sleep and it prompted me to wonder, what sort of masochistic grandparents did she have? Most of use had the Three Bears read to us.

I often wonder how, or even if, that slightly creepy poem affected her. As with most childhood friends based purely on (primary) school base geography it ended with the Ascension to Secondary school and I never was able to subsequently…

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