Tell the Story Challenge #3

I was nominated by Chris Hall for the Tell the Story Challenge, this is the picture I was given The rules: Write a story about the picture you’re given. Select 3 nominees. Give them a new picture. Say it with Flowers Katie and Jim were walking down the country lane very aware that they were … Continue reading Tell the Story Challenge #3


RDP: Dream

When I was a child I had a dream of being a professional actor (with the intent of being the next Doctor Who being part of the incentive) and as such a lot of my teen years were spent in drama clubs and making homemade dramas, which mostly involved me and a few mates shooting … Continue reading RDP: Dream

Saturday Fiction: In which Dr. Webster discovers the problem of too many porters.

As I feeling a bit Lazy, here is an older post which fits in with the. Ragtag Daily Prompt: Blizzard



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   A Single Ticket to Infinity


Michael Storm

Chapter One

The cheerful landlord

It was a particularly heavy snowfall and despite being a very competent driver Dr. Webster was beginning to find it difficult to go on, even with the wipers on at full he was the snowflakes were still filling the windscreen almost as quickly as the spread of bacterium. He had just passed a sign for a Pub which did B&B and decided there and then rather weather the snow he’d sit it out, after all he wasn’t in a hurry for anything. He pulled into the car park of The Golden Egg noting that there were precious few other cars on the car park, not really a surprise out in the sticks with the weather the way it was. He checked himself in for the night and luckily…

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